Michiel Allessie


Dentist M.J. Allessie

Dentist M.J. Allessie (42) is a Dutch serial entrepreneur in the field of dental information technology. He graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2001 as a dentist.

His first dental IT company he founded (1999) was, still the largest dental information website for patients in the Netherlands. In 2003 he founded a company focusing on online booking systems for dental practices and in 2006 he founded Studentist, Studentist runs several dentist practices in the Netherlands. After doing research in the field of Sleep Bruxism, he founded Bruxlab in 2014.

Ad Linssen

CFO / Business development

Mr. Ad Linssen

Ad Linssen (51) has long term (international) experience in Structured Finance and Business Development in both the financial industry as well as manufacturing & software industry (the latter in the capacity as CFO). During the past 5 years, Ad Linssen worked in Digital industry (mobile development) and is familiar with both migrations of companies to new business models as well as companies introducing disruptive business models. He completed an MBA at IMD Switzerland in 2006.

Gary Klasser

Medical advisor

Asst. Prof. Dr. G. Klasser

 “First step of Assessment of Sleep Bruxism-- Positive history of Sleep Bruxism and report of tooth grinding sounds by the patient, sleep partner, or family member.”

Klasser GD et al. 2014

Dr. Gary D. Klasser is an Associate Professor in the Division of Diagnostic Sciences at Louisiana State University, School of Dentistry. He obtained his dental degree from the University of Manitoba (Canada) in 1980. Over the next 22 years, he enjoyed the practice of general dentistry from both a public health and private practice perspective until he returned to graduate studies in 2002. In 2004, he completed his training and graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Certificate in Orofacial Pain. In 2005, he completed a fellowship in Oral Medicine/Oral Oncology at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). From 2005 – 2011, he was an Assistant Professor and Director of the Oral Medicine/Orofacial Pain clinic at the College of Dentistry in the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Klasser has published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and has contributed chapters to various textbooks while serving as an editorial reviewer for a number journals. He is also co-editor for the next edition of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain book entitled: Orofacial Pain: Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management.

 Michele Volpato

Data Scientist

Michele Volpato

Michele Volpato is a data scientist / machine learning specialist. He received a master degree in computer science from the University of Padua, Italy in 2010. Since his graduation, he gained experience as an international IT Consultant, teaching assistant and machine learning researcher. Currently, Michele Volpato is also writing a PhD thesis in the field of machine learning.


Data scientist

Oleksandr Obiednikov

Oleksandr has a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics with additional specialisation in Biostatistics from Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine, Kharkiv) in 2014. Also, he graduated from the Compute science department in Yandex School of Data Analysis (Russian, Moskow) in 2014. In free time work as a lecturer on "Machine Learning" course in Kharkiv branch of Lviv IT School (Ukraine). Previously worked as data scientist on developing DNA sequencing algorithm.
Pablo Pueyo Ramon

App Developer

Pablo Pueyo Ramon

Pablo Pueyo is a broadly oriented IT specialist with knowledge of application development and computer engineering. Pablo Pueyo graduated from the University of Zaragoza, Spain in 2015, also gaining international experience in Cork,

Marc van Alst

Marketing & Sales

Marc van Alst

After graduating in International Business and Management Studies at the Arnhem Business School, Marc van Alst has gained experience as a B2B International Sales and Marketing Consultant. Marc has worked as a consultant for several big companies by developing and implementing sales & marketing strategies, all over the world.