Diagnosing Sleep Apnea Using Sound

A Canadian-based company won the "Inventor of the Year 2016" award by UHN (University Health Network). The company, named BresoTec, won the award by developing a device that is able to effectively diagnose sleep apnea. This diagnosis is done, based on the breathing sounds/patterns of the patient. Have a look at the UHN website, for the full article.

Sleep.ai pitching at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco

Sleep.ai CEO, Michiel Allessie pitched at the StartUp Health Festival during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. At this conference, the global leading healthcare innovators come together to discuss the future of health.


Sleep.ai is selected as a finalist for the WT Innovation World Cup 2017

The WT Innovation World Cup is an annual event, organised to create a podium for the biggest innovators in the Wearable Technology industry. Sleep.ai has been nominated for the award in the Smart Clothing category. The award ceremony will be held on February 7th, 2017 during the Wearable Technology Conference EUROPE in Munich.

BNR – Radio Interview

Sleep.ai was invited for an interview at Dutch radio station: Business News Radio (BNR). The interview covered Sleep.ai's solutions and the Anti Snore-Wearable Kickstarter campaign. The full interview with Michiel Allessie is available through this link. (Dutch)

Philips High Tech XL day

Sleep.ai had the opportunity to explain our technology at the Philips High Tech XL day in Eindhoven. Over 100 start-ups entered the competition, and Sleep.ai was selected as one of the start-ups to present at the Philips offices in Eindhoven.


Machine Demo at the WebSummit 2016

Another great opportunity to pitch at the Websummit 2016 in Lisbon was offered at the Machine Demo event. Michiel Allessie demonstrated the "Do I Grind"app and the first working prototype of the Anti-Snore Wearable.


Sleep.ai pitching at the WebSummit 2016 in Lisbon Portugal

We were selected to present our view on sleeping disorder diagnostics at the WebSummit 2016. Among other presenting start-ups, Sleep.ai competed in the first round of pitching event: PITCH.

Sleep.ai pitching at the Websummit 2016 in Lisbon Portugal

Web Summit Lisbon 2016 – PITCH

We will be present at the 2016 Web Summit in Lisbon. With over 49,000 attendees, the Web Summit is known as Europe's largest technology marketplace. As part of this four-day event, Sleep.ai has been selected out of over 1,000 start-ups to present at start-up event: PITCH.

web-summit-lisbon-event Ontwerp zonder titel
Web Summit 2016 Website

Digital Health Venture Forum – Valencia

Sleep.ai participated with 40 other Health start ups at Digital Health Venture Forum - Valencia. Sleep.ai is proud to be the award winner of this event. This means we have qualified for a prestigious presenting slot at the 10th edition of the European Venture Summit (EVS) on 5 & 6 December 2016, in Düsseldorf.


Workshops at the Exquise User Day 2016

Vertimart organizes the annual Exquise User Day for all dental professionals, using the Exquise software. This year was the 25th edition and Sleep.ai had the opportunity to provide several workshops on the latest developments in bruxism diagnostics.


Sleep.ai at StartUp2ScaleUp

Sleep.ai participated at EU Event StartUp2ScaleUp organised by Dutch Ministry of Sports, Welfare and Health. Minister Edith Schippers opened the Conference and announced a new initiative called Fast Track e-Health program starting October 2016 (including financial funding). Lots of events and speakers during the day. Sleep.ai got the opportunity to pitch. The conference was closed by Prince Constantijn van Oranje - new Special Envoy Dutch StartUp Delta.


Sleep.ai – Lecture US dentists

Sleep.ai's US distributor, Implant Sales organised 2 lectures on May 24th in Chicago and May 26th in Miami. Bruxlab CEO dr. Michiel Allessie provided an overview of the latest developments on Bruxism, and introduced the attending dentists to Sleep.ai's solution so they can easily diagnose and treat patients.


Sleep.ai at Health 2.0 in Barcelona

Health 2.0 Europe is the annual gathering where digital health innovators come together and explore international innovations in patient-provider communication, consumer health, wearables, data analytics and so much more. This year's events with 120 speakers and over 600 attendees took place in Barcelona from 10-12 May.

CEO Michiel Allessie was invited for 2 expert panel discussions about trends in Digital Health.

health2-0_image1 health2-0_image2

Sleep.ai exhibits at The Dentistry Show 2016

It was Sleep.ai's first time exhibiting in the United Kingdom. We attended The Dentistry Show 2016 on the 22nd and 23rd of April, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. With over 7000 visitors and 400+ exhibitors, the Dentistry Show is the UK´s largest free-to-attend, education and trade event for the dental profession.

bruxlab-dentistryshow-2 bruxlab-dentistryshow-4

Sleep.ai at the Dutch Digital Health Night in Berlin

The Dutch embassy in Berlin hosted a night, especially for Dutch start ups in the Digital Health industry. Sleep.ai took part in the events, and had the opportunity to present their view on dental diagnostics.


Sleep.ai in the News – Dental Tribune UK

The Dental Tribune UK spoke with Sleep.ai about bruxism diagnostics. The interview with Mr. Allessie was published in the latest edition of their UK magazine.

"About 8 percent of the world has bruxism, a condition commonly associated with sleep disorders. While existing home testing devices are expensive and not patient friendly, Sleep.ai makes it possible to detect bruxism in a cheap and easy way. The Dutch company has developed diagnostic tools to record and quantify any grinding sounds using machine learning, mobile app technology and wearables. Dental Tribune UK spoke with Michiel Allessie, owner of Sleep.ai, about the algorithm used to detect bruxism."


The full interview is available on the Dental Tribune website

Sleep.ai presents at the Health Valley Event 2016

Sleep.ai had the opportunity to exhibit at the Health Valley Event 2016. As part of the program, Sleep.ai pitched in the Investor Lounge where we won the 1st prize in the pitch event. A jury of 3 senior investment managers elected Sleep.ai as their winner:

"Na een kort overleg van de jury werd Sleep.ai tot winnaar uitgeroepen. Zij hadden een overtuigende krachtige pitch, een bevlogen ondernemer, duidelijke commerciële tractie en een heldere propositie naar investeerders toe." (Source: Health Valley Event 2016 Terugblik)


Sleep.ai in the News – PR Newswire coverage

Sleep.ai participated at Chicago Dental conference end February. Very proud that our new product attracted a lot of attention. We also received various press coverage including this one from PR Newswire:

"As the first major dental meeting of the year, the Midwinter Meeting is where many exhibitors unveil new products for the first time—from X-ray technology to office management tools to consumer dental care. New featured products include:

• A toothpaste that binds to plaque and turns teal green to improve brushing

• An app that records teeth grinding sounds while a patient sleeps to help dentists diagnose and treat sleep bruxism;

• High-speed digital X-ray sensors to provide high resolution and clarity in just three seconds;

• Unique flossing tools resembling miniature nunchucks that give patients increased dexterity and control to easily floss with the dentist-recommended "C" shape

• The latest products in teeth whiten"

Sleep.ai in the News – CDS Midwinter Meeting Interview

During the CDS Midwinter Meeting 2016, the Chicago Dental Society sent a representative of their communication department to our booth for an interview and a demonstration of the Do I Grind app.