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"Do I Snore or Grind" is a smartphone application that records and filters possible tooth grinding and snoring sounds. By prescribing the app to your patients, you can find out if a patient grinds his teeth and/or snores during the night.

The key functional component of the app relies upon the measurement of the number of teeth grinding and snoring sounds made during the night. The detection, recording and classification of these different sounds are done by an algorithm. The sounds are analysed and classified (grinding score / snoring score). Based on the patient's condition, the treatment plan can be established. By repeating the use of the app, the effect of the chosen treatment can be monitored remotely.

The main reason for the anticipated success of the "Do I Snore or Grind" app relies on the fact that it uses innovative artificial intelligence to equip the dentist with a remote means of recording grinding and snoring sounds. It solves the problem that dentists nowadays have when patients come to their practice with symptoms of a sleeping disorder, but the dentist cannot know for sure if these symptoms are based on a current disease or a problem from the past. Furthermore, the app is able to measure the effect of lifestyle changes (stress, coffee, alcohol, smoking etc.) over time. By using the cost-efficient "Do I Snore or Grind" app, you will meet the ICD-10 criteria for diagnosing sleep bruxism. Paired with the snoring functionality, this app will also give a strong insight into a patient's likeliness to have obstructive sleep apnea!

How it works


Diagnose sleep bruxism according to the ICD-10 standard